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Nu as lipsi pt nimic in lume!
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Poate... nu stiu sigur.
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Nu, nu vin pt ca nu am cum :(
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Poate la anu... si La Multi Ani!
Poate la anu... si La Multi Ani!
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Daaaaaaa, am sa bantui pe acolo dupa postere and stuff.
Daaaaaaa, am sa bantui pe acolo dupa postere and stuff.
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Descarcă ultimele capitole din Manga Bleach
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379. "Untitled"

380. "Devil, Devil, Devil, Devil"

381. "Words Just Don't Like You"

382. "The United Front "Discordeque..."

383. "Too Early to Trust"

384. "Can't Fear Your Own Sword"

385. "Vice It"

386. "The Bestial"

387. "Ignited"

388. "Eagle Without Wings 2"

389. "Winged Eagles 2"

390. "Beyond the Death Understanding"

391. "The Blazing Glaciers"

392. "The Breaking Glaciers"

393. "The Burnout Inferno"

394. "The Burnout Inferno 2"

395. "The Burnout Inferno 3"

396. "The Bite"

397. "Edge of the Silence"

398. "Back from Blind"

399. "Deicide"

400. "Deicide 2"

401. "Deicide 3"

402. "Deicide 3"

403. "Deicide 5"

404. "Deicide 6"

405. "Deicide 7"

406. "Deicide 8 End of the Chrysalis Age"

407. "Deicide 9"

408. "Deicide 10"

409. "Deicide 11"

410. "Deicide 12"

411. "Deicide 13"

412. "Deicide 14"

413. "Deicide 15"

414. "Deicide 16"

415. "Deicide 17"

416. "Deicide 18(The end)"

417. "Deicide 19"

418. "Deicide 20"

419. "Deicide 21 [Transcendant God Rock]"

420. "Deicide 22"

421. "Deicide 23"

422. "The Silent Victory"

423. "Farewell Swords"

424. "The Lost Agent"

425. "A Day Without Melodies"

426. "The Starter 2"

427. "A Delicious Dissonace"

428. "The Known"

429. "Welcome to our EXECUTION"

430. "Welcome to our EXECUTION 2"

431. "Welcome to our EXECUTION 3"

432. "The Soul Pantheism"

433. "The Six Fullbringers"

434. "Berry in the Box"

435. "Panic at the Dollhouse"

436. "The Time Discipline"

437. "Swastika Break"

438. "Knuckle Down"

439. "Keen Marker"

440. "Mute Friendship"

441. "Spotlight Brocken"

442. "Battlefield Shallows, Otherfield Abyss"

443. "Dirty Boots Dangers"

444. "The Rising"

445. "The Dark Beat"

446. "The Dark Beat 2"

447. "Load"

448. "Loading to Lie"

449. "Not be a Drug"

450. "Blind Solitude"

451. "Welcome to our Excution 4"

452. "Erosion/Implosion"

453. "Mute Your Breathe Friendship"

454. "Sheathebreaker"

455. "End of the Bond 1"

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